• Chet Singh Ghat

Chet Singh Ghat


The ghat and the huge fort located at the ghat were built by Raja Balwant Singh, the founder of the present Kashi state. Before the Ghat and the palace was in the Shivala locality, it was known as Shivala Ghat. In 1781 AD, the famous war of Warren Hastings and Chet Singh took place in this fort, in which Chet Singh was defeated and he had to leave the fort and run away. By the end of the 19th century, Maharaja Prabhunarayan Singh of this dynasty recovered this fort from the British.

In the southern part of the ghat, after a few steps from the banks of the Ganges, there is a huge buttress and in the northern part there is a huge entrance to enter the fort situated at the ghat. There are two bastions in the upper part of the entrance. Barahdari is built in this part of the fort, which was constructed in the Rajput style of 16th-17th century AD.