• chauki-ghat-to-chausathi-ghat

Chauki Ghat to Chausathi Ghat


Northwards along the river, Chauki Ghat is distinguished by an enormous tree that shelters small stones shrines to the Nagas, water-snake deities, while at the unmistakable Dhobi Ghat washermen go about the job of beating and washing clothes. There are smaller ghats such as Mansarovar Ghat, named after the holy lake in Tibet, Narad Ghat, honouring the divine musician and sage, Chausathi Ghat, where impressive stone steps lead up to the small temple of the Chausathi (64) Yoginis. This temple has images of Kali and Durga representing a stage in the emergence of the great goddess as a single representation of a number of female divinities. Overlooking the ghats here is Peshwa Amrit Rao’s majestic sandstone haveli (mansion), built in 1807 and currently used for religious ceremonies and occasionally, as an auditorium for concerts.