• Adikeshav Ghat

Adikeshav Ghat


This ghat is one of the five major pilgrimages or ghats located on the banks of the Ganges, which is mentioned in the Matsya Purana. It is also considered as the first and main Vishnutirtha of Kashi. It is mentioned in the context of this ghat that when Vishnu first came to Kashi after being mounted on Garuda on the orders of Shiva, then he first placed his feet at this place. It is noteworthy that the place where Vishnu first placed his feet and washed in the Ganges was considered as the Padodaka Tirtha. It is believed that Vishnu himself had installed his idol at the ghat. The greatest importance of Adikeshavghat was in the Gahadval period. The Gahadval rulers often used to donate gold, land and other donations to the Brahmins after bathing at this ghat. Many donations have been received from the Gahadval rulers Chandradev, Madanpal, Govindchandra and Jayachandra, in which there is mention of donating after bathing at Adikeshavghat and the completion of many rites (Mundan, Upanayana and Naamkaran). Apart from Adikeshav on the ghat, there are Gyankeshav, Sangameshwar, Panchdevata, Vinak and two other Shiva temples.