• Buddhist Circuit

Buddhist Circuit

Buddhist Circuit

The Buddhist Circuit

  • Thousands of years ago, a large part of the life of Gautam Buddha was spent in this area. The Buddha attained enlightenment, travelled widely, spread his message and towards the end, attained mahaparinirvan in this region.
  • The circuit has places having grand Stupas, ancient monasteries, Buddhist chants and a steady stream of Buddhist pilgrims and monks who come here for meditation and worship.
  • What a devout can perceive of the entire life of Lord Buddha in Uttar Pradesh, cannot be replicated anywhere else. If you are looking for enlightenment in your life, this is the Circuit to visit.


  • This is the holy place where Prince Siddharth grew up as a child.
  • It is identified with the present day township of Piprahwa in Siddharthanagar district.
  • Devotees feel transported thousands of years back to an era when young Prince Siddharth renounced all worldly riches and pleasures in search of salvation.


  • About 60 km from Prayagraj, this is believed to be the place where Buddha delivered many sermons.
  • Renowned as a centre of higher learning for Buddhists, it is believed to be among the most prosperous cities of those times.
  • Excavations have revealed ruins of an Ashokan Pillar, an old fort and a grand monastery, besides a huge number of sculptures and figurines, cast coins and terracotta objects.


  • Just 10 km away from Varanasi, this is where lord Buddha delivered his first sermon after attaining Enlightenment.
  • The great Dhamekh Stupa and its ruins still reverberate with the Buddha’s teachings.
  • The smooth glistening pillar established by Emperor Ashoka in 273-232 B.C. marks the foundation of the Buddhist Sangha.
  • The Lion Capital atop this pillar is now India's National Emblem.


  • Legend says that Lord Buddha descended here after giving sermon to his mother in heaven.
  • It is identified with Basantpur village on the bank of Kali river in Farrukhabad district.
  • Emperor Ashoka erected a pillar here with an elephant capital to mark this holy spot.


  • About 15km from Bahraich, lies this sprawling complex of well-preserved stupas and ruins.
  • It was the capital of the ancient Kosala Kingdom and here the Buddha showed his divine prowess to impress upon the non-believers.
  • Believed to be founded by the mythological king Sravast, it is the place where Buddha spent many monsoons and delivered important sermons.


  • About 50 km from Gorakhpur, it is the place where the Lord Buddha left his corporal self and attained Mahaparinirvana.
  • A uniquely designed Mahaparinirvana temple houses a huge statue of the reclining Buddha, excavated in 1876.
  • Extensive excavations have revealed the presence of a large community of monks living here as late as 11th Century A.D.