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About Project


The project’s institutional and implementation arrangements are based on standard practice in Uttar Pradesh for externally aided projects, which includes an Empowered Committee, a Steering Committee and specific project implementation entities, as described below. Below is a detailed description of each level of the project’s institutional and implementation arrangements.

At the state level, the project is implemented through the following institutions :

(a) An Empowered Committee, chaired by the Chief Secretary, GoUP, convened by the Principal Secretary/Secretary of Tourism, and comprising state government officials from departments related to the project, has been established and is providing high-level policy guidance and support to inter-departmental coordination for the project.

(b) A Steering Committee, chaired by the Principal Secretary/Secretary of Tourism, coordinated by a full-time Project Director from the Department of Tourism, and comprising state government officials from key departments for the project, has also been established to provide administrative guidance and to ensure that critical aspects of project implementation are addressed in a timely manner.

(c) The Department of Tourism is the implementing agency, responsible for overall project preparation, management, coordination and accountability of the project’s implementation.

(d) A State Project Coordination Unit (SPCU) in Lucknow, working under the overall guidance of the Principal Secretary/Secretary of Tourism, and chaired by a Project Director has been established and is being staffed with DoT officials and competitively selected specialists in financial management, procurement, environmental management, civil engineering, heritage conservation and social development. The SPCU supports the Department of Tourism in the project’s overall implementation by ensuring compliance with government and World Bank standards, project monitoring, the review and consolidation of annual work plans, hiring of consultants and supervision of works, among other functions

While the Department of Tourism manages most project activities, the following structures support implementation at the destination level:

(e) The Development Authorities in each of the destinations. Following current practice in the state, these authorities serve as the Implementing Entities (IEs) in each core area and are responsible for, inter alia, coordination with local authorities and sector agencies in planning and monitoring, and ensuring adequate operation and maintenance of subprojects and activities financed by the project.

(f) Technical Support Units (TSUs), consisting of specialists hired from a range of fields, will support the Development Authorities through on-the-job technical support and training.

Contact Us:

Uttar Pradesh Pro-Poor Tourism Development Project,
Department of Tourism, GoUP
4th Floor, Paryatan Bhawan, C-13, Vipin Khand,
Gomti Nagar, Lucknow-226010 (Uttar Pradesh)



Project Team State Project Coordination Unit (SPCU)

S.No. Name Designation E-Mail ID's
1 Mr. Mukesh Kumar Meshram, IAS Director General/Chief Project Director dg.upt1@gmail.com
2 ______________ Additional Chief Project Director acpd.uptourism2@gmail.com
3 Mr. Dinesh Kumar Project Director dineshddupt@gmail.com
4 Mr. Unmesh Misra Private Sector Development Specialist psd.uptourism@gmail.com
5 Mr. Amarjeet Singh Procurement Specialist procurement.uptourism@gmail.com
6 Dr. Rachna Sarkar Social Development Specialist socialdevelopment.uptourism@gmail.com
7 Dr. Vijai Verma Environment Specialist environment.uptourism@gmail.com
8 Mr. Om Prakash Srivastava Civil Engineer engineer.uptourism@gmail.com
9 Mr. Manoj Singh Bisht Financial Management Specialist finance.uptourism@gmail.com
10 Mr. Santosh Kumar Singh Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist me.uptourism@gmail.com
11 Mr. Mohammad Amir Computer Programmer mamir596@gmail.com

Technical Support Unit (TSU)

A. Agra & Mathura

S.No. Name Designation E-Mail ID's
1 Mr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta Civil Engineer engineer.tsu.agra@gmail.com

B. Varanasi & Gorakhpur

S.No. Name Designation E-Mail ID's
1 Mr. Lal Babu Dubey Civil Engineer engineer.tsu.mathura@gmail.com

3. Implementing Entity (IEs)

A. Agra Development Authority, Agra

S. No. Name Designation E-Mail ID's
1 Mr. Chakresh Jain Chief Engineer ADA / Nodal Officer ceadaagra12@gmail.com

Mathura Vrindavan Development Authority, Mathura

S.No. Name Designation E-Mail ID's
1 Mr. R.P.Singh Superintending Engineer MVDA / Nodal Officer vcmvda2014@gmail.com

C. Varanasi Development Authority, Varanasi

S.No. Name Designation E-Mail ID's
1 Mr. Ashutosh Srivastava Superintending  Engineer VDA / Nodal Officer vdavaranasi@gmail.com

D. Gorakhpur Development Authority, Gorakhpur

S.No. Name Designation E-Mail ID's
1 Mr. P.P. Singh Chief Engineer GDA / Nodal Officer gdagorakhpur@gmail.com