• Samarth Saheb Siddhadas Dham Hargaon

Samarth Saheb Siddhadas Dham Hargaon


Sahib Siddhadas of Sahib Dhulan Das Dharmee Dham in district Rai Bareli was a devout pupil of Swami Jagjeevan Das Kotwadham, promoter or messenger of Satnam community, according to the disciple tradition of Barabanki. He earned a remarkable name and fame within the community on the basis of his sacrifices and penance. Siddhadas was born in 1845 in the village Pathkapur, tehsil Amethi of district Sultanpur. His name was Ram Piyare Pathak. Father was Tulsi Pathak and two elder brothers were Kali and Nihal Pathak, his mother’s name is not known. Later his father used to live in his in-laws village Hargaon, district Sultanpur. Ram Piyare Pathak was of the saint’s nature right from his childhood. Once he went to Ganga bath and fainted over there. Local Panda managed a “Doli” to send back him to his home. He used to sit mute even at his home. His father tried a lot of oral treatment but not succeeded, later on recommendation of some people, he brought his son to Jagjeevan Sahib in Kotwadham. Swamiji of Kotwadham referred him to Dulan Das (Dharmee Dham) and advised to take Gurumantra from him. He came to Dharmee Dham and got blessed with the Gurumantra from Sahib Dulan Das and started offering his services to the Guruji. He continued his services to Guruji for unbroken twelve years and then Guruji blessed him with the boon of Riddhi-Siddhi and title of Exclusive Servant and God Devotee. Since then, Ram Piyare Pathak was become famous with the name of Siddhadas.

6 persons were among famous pupils

  • Durbali Das (Village Vilaspur, Gorakhpur)
  • Himmat Das, (Rai Bareli)
  • Nirbhay Das (Jahanbad, Bihar)
  • Pahalwan Das (Bhikhipur, Amethi)
  • Risal Das (Goura Jamo, Amethi)
  • Ganga Das (Poorab Gaanv, Rani Ganj, Amethi)

A lot of stories of miracles made by Sahib Siddhadas are popular in Hargaon and outskirts and you come to know about his miracles which are still continued. A fare is organized in the Dham on every Amavasya and Purnima. On Kartik Purnima, Makar Sankranti a huge fare is organized here which is witnessed by millions of devotees across the country. This Dham is located in the Hargaon village of Amethi district at 6 K.M. west from Jamo.