• Right to information Tourism Department, Government of U.P

Right to information Tourism Department, Government of U.P



Description of its Organizational works and Responsibility

1- Establishment related work of Directorate of Tourism.
2- All cases related to establishment of Uttar Pradesh State Tourism. Development Corporation
3- Announcement of tourism industry.
4- Recognition of tourist attraction shops at tourist destinations.
5- Determination of Policy for Tourism Development and work related to development plans according to the prescribed policy.
6- Constituting Tourism Council and organizing meetings.
7- Preparing plans for promoting international tourism and receiving the approval of the Government of India as required on them.
8- Constituting Tourism promotion committee and organizing its meetings and determination of policies related to tourism promotion.
9- Issuance and implementation of Luxury Tax Act/Manual
10- Exempting hotel industry in tourism sector from Luxury Tax
11- Proceedings for providing route facilities.
12- Determining policy/guidelines for conducting tours.
13- Constituting Regional Tourism Advisory committees.
14- Categorization of hotels and certifying them.
15- Work related to Aliganj Food Craft Institute, Institute of Tourism Management, Lucknow
16- Work related to schemes of the Tourism Department and budget.


Duties & Responsibilities of the employees and officers posted in office

Duties and responsibilities of employees/officers of Tourism Department, Uttar Pradesh is given in the Secretariat Manual.


Proceedings taken while taking decisions in which sources of supervision and accountability are also included.

On the basis of the system given in Uttar Pradesh Secretariat Manual.


The criteria to be adopted for its duties

On the basis of the system given in Uttar Pradesh Secretariat Manual.


Advertising quotes of rules, regulations, instructions, directories used under its control for discharge of its duties.

Proceedings are followed according to U.P. Secretariat Manual, U.P. Secretariat Rules of Business, Budget Manual etc. Arrangements are given on its Website for subordinate head of departments.


Advertising of quotes of records hold by or under Department of Tourism

No One.


Description of any arrangement that exists for consultation or that represents, that individuals who will take part in policy determination and enforcement.

According to the arrangement prevailing in Uttar Pradesh Secretariat.


Boards, Councils, Committees and other bodies, that are constituted as part of it from two or more persons or details of this for its advice and details of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies that will be subject to the reach of people.

Description of Board/ Council/ Committees etc. can be viewed from Website of Tourism Department, Uttar Pradesh.


Directory of its officers and staff

It can be viewed in Directory on Home Page of Website of Tourism Department, Government of U.P


Monthly payroll received by officers and staff under which mode of compensation that is provided by the regulations is also included.

According to Recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission


Budget of each agency by Department of Tourism that relates to them, that has details of all the schemes, proposed expenditure and payments made.

No One.


Method of execution of gratuity program under which description of money and stakeholders who all will be affiliated from this programme.

No One.


Description of exempted rebate, letter of authority and recipient of authorization by Department of Tourism.

No One


Description of information provided, not provided and information provided through electronic media by the department

Departmental Website: www.uptourism.gov.in


Facilities available to citizens for receiving information under which description of working time of library, rooms if any for use of people are included.

Full office hours are from 9.30 am to 18:00 pm


Name of Public Information officer, post and other descriptions.

1- Shri. Atma Prakash Pandey
Section Officer (Public Information Officer)
Tourism Section, Government of Uttar Pradesh
Mobile No. -9454413147 
Telephone No. -0522-2213214 
Room No - 14 Main building, U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow
2- Shri. Vinay Kumar Singh
Under-Secretary (First Appellate Officer)
Tourism Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh
Telephone No. -0522-2213073
Mobile No. -9454411609 
Room No.G3, Multi-storey building, U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow.