• Manmandir Ghat

Manmandir Ghat


Due to the construction of huge artistic palaces and temples located at Ghat and the Ghat in the last phase of 16th century AD by Raja Mansingh of Amer (Rajasthan), it is called Manmandir Ghat. The ancient name of this ghat was Someshvara, which is mentioned in Geervanapadmanjari. Later on, the name of the Ghats was changed after the tradition of being associated with the name of the builders, and it came to be called Manmandir Ghat after its builder Mansingh. It is first mentioned by Prinsep by the name Manmandirghat. This Ghat of Kashi is notable for the huge artistic palace located in the Ghat and the constellation Vedasala (17th century AD) built in the palace, due to the religious-cultural importance. The palace located at the ghat and the towers and windows facing the ghat are an important example of the post-medieval Rajasthani Rajput fortification style. King Sawai Jai Singh, the dynasty of Mansingh, had built an observatory to give information about the planets and constellations in the latter half of the 17th century AD, in which there are emperor yatra, small emperor yantra, south north wall instrument, nadi ring yantra and directionang and chakra yantra. At present, a virtual museum is also operating in it.