• Man Mandir

Man Mandir Ghat and Lalita Ghat


Man Mandir Ghat is known primarily for its magnificent eighteenth-century observatory, equipped with ornate window casings, and built for the Maharaja of Jaipur.

Pilgrims pay homage to the important lingam of Someshwar before crossing Tripurabhairavi Ghat to Mir Ghat and the New Vishwanath Temple. Mir Ghat also has a shrine to goddess Vishalakshi, marking the place where various parts of the disintegrating body of Shakti fell as it was carried by the grief-stricken Shiva. Also here is the Dharma Kupa, the Well of Dharma, surrounded by subsidiary shrines.

Immediately to the north is Lalita Ghat, renowned for its Ganga Keshava shrine to Vishnu and the Nepali temple, a typical Kathmandu-style wooden temple which houses an image of Pashupateshvara – Shiva’s manifestation at Pashupatinath in Nepal – and sports a small selection of erotic carvings.