• Gayatri Tapobhoomi

Gayatri Tapobhoomi


In the penance land of sage Durvasa and sage Angira, Gayatri austerity land is located on Vrindaavan road in Mathura. This was established by constructed by ascetic, Vedmoorti Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharya with 24 Mahapurashwaran of 24-24 lakh chanting of Gayatri mantra in 1953. He used to fast for consecutive 24 days just by intaking holy Gangajal from 30.05.1953 to 22.06.1953 and established Ved Mother, Dev Mother and World Mother Gayatri. This is world’s first Gayatri temple.

shantikunj gayatri parivar
  • In Gayatri temple, you will find that water spots of all 2400 pilgrim points of India and manually written 24 crore Gayatri Mantras are established.
  • Yug Nirman Vidyalay is active since 1966 that gives self- reliant education. In this school fully boarding one year training is provided to the students who have cleared class 10th.
  • In this Yagya Shala, an Akhand Jyoti of Siddha Yogi of Himalayas which is seven hundred and fifty years old is still enlightened since 1953.
  • In the charity hospital, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Allopathy, Paediatrics, Eye diseases and eye surgery, Dental treatment, Physiotherapy, Yoga and Naturopathy are used to cure.
  • For cow protection, Maan Bhagwati cow shed is being operated.


  • Daily free Yagna for all from 6:30 A.M. to 8:00 A.M. in the 5 Kund Yagya Shala.
  • Daily Gayatri penance by the seekers for the welfare of world.
  • Free of cost sacraments.
  • Free boarding and pure Satvik meal in the Mataji Ka Chowka.
  • Publication of Yug Nirman Yojna (Hindi Monthly) and Yug Shakti Gayatri (Gujarati Monthly).  
  •  Publication, display and distribution of the literature created by Yugrishi Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharya.
  • 9 days long free Gayatri penance twice a month on 5 and 20 of each month.
  • In the summer vacation each year, seven days long Maa Saraswati Camp separately for boys and girls.
gaytri tapobhumi, mathura