• Ganwaria Archaeological Site

Ganwaria Archaeological Site


Excavations in Ganvaria exposed two massive baked-brick structural complexes with impressive projected entrances to the east of the two, the larger one, on the western fringe of the mounds, is about 39 sq. m. It has twenty-five rooms with a gallery at each of the four corners. A ring-well having a diameter of 85 cm. was observed in the gallery on the north-western corner. The rooms and galleries were constructed all around an open courtyard about 25 sq.m.

But for a few additional features, the smaller structural complex, about 30 m. to the north-east, was about 26 sq.m. and had only twenty-rooms.

The earliest occupation at this site can be dated to 8th century B.C. on the basis of pottery and antiquities. The site continued to be under occupation till about 3rd Century A.D. The proximity to the ancient site of stupa at Piprahwa, where the sealings with the legend Kapilvastu were found, the impressive structures, and large quantity of antiquities hardly leave any doubt that they were the residential complex of the chief of the capital town of Kapilvastu, i.e. Shakya king Suddhodhana and his predecessors.